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Antonio Pacinotti

Antonio Pacinotti Antonio Pacinotti (Pisa, June 17, 1841 - Pisa, March 25, 1912) was an Italian physicist. To him we owe the invention of the dynamo.

Born to Louis and Catherine Pacinotti Catanti, attended the institute in 1859 and archbishop St. Catherine took part in the War of Independence as a sergeant volunteer. He was a pupil of Carlo Matteucci, graduated in mathematics with Riccardo Felici and obtained the chair of physics at Bologna, where he taught from 1865 to 1873. Among his students was Augusto Righi. After an appointment at Cagliari, in 1881 transferred to the University of Pisa, where he took over his father Louis in the chair of physics technology.

The invention of the dynamo dates back to 1858, while the creation of the first model, built at his father's workshop, 1860.

In 1883 he became a member of the Accademia dei Lincei and dentist, in 1898, a member country. In 1888 he joined the Society of XXXL, and in 1905 he was appointed senator of the Kingdom of Italy.

Dynamo Antonio Pacinotti Pacinotti is dedicated to the name of the high school of La Spezia and Cagliari, the Technical Institute for Surveyors State of Bologna, Taranto and ITIS Scafati and IPSIA Pontedera.


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