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Ponsacco - Villa Niccolini Ponsacco

As a place of strategic importance to the border between the republics of Pisa and Florence, Ponsacco was the scene of frequent clashes. In this period the birth of the old town, once surrounded by ramparts and walls, then destroyed by the Florentines.
Ponsacco is known as City Furniture and Furnishings: The Second World War saw the development of many small craft businesses engaged in the production of furniture and home furnishings, a tradition that continues today. On the initiative of furniture Ponsacco in 1947 was inaugurated the Permanent Exhibition of Furniture, whose seven floors now house more than a hundred stand of rooms, kitchens, living rooms, living rooms and furnishings.
On the first floor you can visit the Museum of Wood, where he revived the old carpenter's shop with the tools used to build furniture.
Ponsacco not retain special artistic attractions, except for the 'Oratory of Our Lady of the Cough, with fourteenth-century terracotta attributed to Luca della Robbia, and the Church of San Giovanni with the baptismal font.

Nearby you report the feudal village with Camugliano Villa Niccolini, former Medici villa in the middle of a private estate.

The territory is mostly flat and urbanized. The only green lung in addition to the estate is Camugliano Poggini of the picnic area, an ideal place for a stroll on foot or by bicycle.

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