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Casciana Terme - Stabilimento termale Casciana

Surrounded by a beautiful hilly landscape, Casciana has always been tied to its lime-sulfur springs at a constant temperature of 36? C. 'S thermal water, that water Mathelda, has always been used to fight arthritis, rheumatism and sciatica. Over the years, has broadened its use in modern motor rehabilitation therapies in cardiovascular care and in those inhalation.

Although already known to the Romans, legend has it that the thermal water was discovered by the Countess Matilda of Canossa, who had a blackbird old and shabby. One day he noticed that the noblewoman was moving better and the blackbird feathers had regained color, and made him follow every morning to find that plunged into a 'smoking water'. The countess would try to dive into that, drawing from it substantial benefits in a short time. Since then, the blackbird is a symbol of the spa.

Today, both the spa with outdoor pool and rehabilitation center that the new elegant Villa Borri offer cures and treatments for health, relaxation and wellness.

The town square with the Grand Café and the spa park have always been the benchmark of city life and the rich program of events taking place throughout the year. Among these are signaling the election of Miss Tuscany region in August and the children's festival on the day of San Genesio.

The villages around offer beautiful views of the Pisan Hills and are ideal for strolling or cycling enhanced by the opportunity to taste wine and olive oil farms. A Parlascio recent excavations have unearthed Etruscan; Collemontanino has a tenth-century church and the remains of a fortress.

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