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Valdera e Colline Pisane


Lajatico - Teatro del Silenzio Lajatico

Lombard origin, Lajatico castle of the counts was then the bishop of Volterra Pannocchieschi before being conquered by Pisa and then Florence.

Lajatico has become an international tourist destination as the birthplace of the famous tenor Andrea Bocelli. Each year in July, in the evocative setting of the Theatre of Silence, held a concert in which it participates, together with the same Bocelli international artists. The theater, founded in 2006 to host one show a year (hence the name), is a natural amphitheater that uses the shape of a hill just outside of the country.

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Lari - Castello dei Vicari Lari

Lari is situated in an area with a strong agricultural tradition, in which vitocoltura and fruit are an important economic resource. For the quality of life and tourist services Lari was rewarded by the Touring Club with the orange flag.

The village, surrounded by a wall with three gates, is characterized by the massive size of the castle of the Vicars, of medieval although the present structure dates from the seventeenth century. Because of its dominant position in the castle was an important military stronghold of the Republic of Pisa until his fall in Florence (1406). Later the castle became the residence of the Vicars, governors and members of Florentine families, who transformed it into a private residence of the rulers of Tuscany from the Medicis to Lorraine.

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Orciano - Panorama Orciano

Situated on a gentle hillside, is at the center of an area that offers a rich natural heritage and food and wine. The paths and roads white to allow those who travels to duck out of the hectic city life, walking or cycling in freedom among hills and fields.

The origins of Orciano, already documented in the eighth century medieval castle, are uncertain. The most widely accepted opinion has it that it is built as a manor belonging to a family of Lombard origin.

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Palaia - Panorama Palaia

Palaia is a farming town situated on one of the highest ridges that divide the valley of the Arno river Era.

Of Etruscan origin, as evidenced by some findings, Palaia has experienced a period of relative prosperity in the thirteenth century, when they built the church of San Martino, the original brick building which is holding an annual international festival of choral and church of Sant 'Andrea, which preserves valuable works of art.

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Peccioli - Panorama Peccioli

Peccioli stands on the hills with its distinctive bell tower of the Parish of St. Verano (XI), the work of Bellincioni, containing valuable works of the Pisan school. The nearby Praetorian Palace, whose facade stand out are symbols of power , houses the Museum of Russian Icons, which is dedicated to the journalist Francesco Bigazzi, Moscow correspondent, who gave the Peccioli his collection of icons of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. Nearby is the International School and Laboratory of icons, which organizes seminars, restoration and painting in collaboration with the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

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