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Santa Croce

Santa Croce sull'Arno - Panorama Santa Croce

Important manufacturing center of the leather, bases its economy on the processing of hides and skins since the eighteenth century, when the first tanneries in the area arose.
Today the transformation of the skin, still based on creativity and quality, is achieved through technologically advanced equipment and procedures that have improved the work environment and created specialized professionals.
The tanning business is the transformation of raw skin to produce a finished leather and ready to be used in the clothing, footwear and leather goods. The name and prestige of the Holy Cross in the world are capable of having earned the title of the World Capital of hides and skins. In the Territory in recent years were born outlets offering items at affordable prices.

The town has a good cultural activity: Pacchiani Villa is located at the Center for expressive activities, and exhibition of contemporary art within the museum documentation and scientific laboratories incision with graphics, music, theater and photography. The Teatro Verdi presents a poster aimed at young people (see the review Baule of Dreams II) as well as a rich program of prose. Not everyone knows then that Holy Cross is playing a carnival copyright of the most heard of Tuscany, with the costumes that are true works of art.

Nearby, the hilly area of Cerbaie, there is the 'Protected Area Poggio Adorno, perfect for pleasant strolls.

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