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San Miniato

San Miniato - Panorama San Miniato

Lombard origin (eighth century), situated on the Via Francigena, San Miniato assumed a leading role under the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa said, becoming the first seat of imperial vicar in Tuscany (in the Middle Ages the city was called San Miniato in fact the German ), then a bishopric. Date from this period, the construction of the seminary, with its characteristic facade with frescoes, and the remaking of the Bishop's Palace, both near the Duomo.
San Miniato is a city of emperors and bishops: Frederick II even after Napoleon was in San Miniato, where he lived a branch of the Bonaparte family. The events of the Second World War, unfortunately, have destroyed part of the medieval buildings (including the Rocca of Federico, then rebuilt); particularly painful episode of the Nazi massacre in the Cathedral, which took inspiration from the Taviani brothers for the film The Night San Lorenzo.

The old town of San Miniato has an interesting museum system that connects with a single ticket eight exhibition centers, museums, historic buildings and collections. At San Miniato Basso is however a Museum of Scripture, designed especially for children and students, which covers the most important stages of the writing of history from the Stone Age to the present day.

San Miniato offers an intense cultural activity throughout the year: the International Festival of Puppetry The moon is blue (late June) in Theatre Festival (July), the summer festival of classical music concerts in castles of sound.

San Miniato - Tartufo bianco The highlight of the calendar San Miniato, however, the traditional National White Truffle Market Exhibition, held in the main streets and squares of the historic center the second, third and fourth weekend of November. The trade show is preceded by other parties related to the precious tuber to nearby countries, it starts in March with Cigoli (the birthplace of the painter Ludovico Cardi, known as "Cigoli") and continues with Balconevisi and Armor, where there is a Romanesque church XII century and the Teatro Comunale di Quaranthana.

The wrinkled tomato, artichoke, the mallegato, olive mignola are some of the typical products that have helped make the City of San Miniato and Tastes of Slow Food. Here was born the "market", the market of agricultural production per kilometer zero, to encourage consumption of local products.

San Miniato is one of the municipalities in the leather, with companies mainly located in the village of Ponte a Egola.

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