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Bientina Bientina

The country of Bientina, by its nature artisan village, lies at the foot of Monti Pisani.

Despite having lost its ancient medieval dress to take on a connotation of a commercial nature, in Bientina you can visit: the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, where the remains of St. Valentine, the Museum of Sacred Art, the Etruscan Museum and the Church San Girolamo, where a permanent exhibition on the ancient history of the area. The collection includes artifacts dating back to proto-Etruscan-Roman and Etruscan in the Marsh of Bientina found during excavations in 1953 and 1957.

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Calcinaia Calcinaia

At the heart of the fertile plain of the Arno Valley Calcinaia Pisa is a lively and busy town, full of industries and handicrafts.

The name refers to the traditional craft of pottery and numerous lime kilns in effect until the sixties, when the industrial and commercial vocation took precedence, especially in the village of Fornacette, where you were born and production services.

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Castelfranco di Sotto

Castelfranco di Sotto Castelfranco di Sotto

Castelfranco di Sotto, located in the foothills of Cerbaie, is one of the municipalities in the leather district, an area where they produce footwear and leather goods and leather exported all over the world.

If you have lost much of its medieval structure, Castelfranco has persisted the urban structure of the Roman period, with two main roads that intersect at right angles to the four doors leading through the Bell Tower, the only remains of medieval times. Other points of interest are reminiscent of the Town Hall, formerly known as the Chancery, the Collegiate Church of SS Peter and Paul (1284) and the Academy of the Sisters of St. Matthew (XVII).

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San Miniato

San Miniato - Panorama San Miniato

Lombard origin (eighth century), situated on the Via Francigena, San Miniato assumed a leading role under the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa said, becoming the first seat of imperial vicar in Tuscany (in the Middle Ages the city was called San Miniato in fact the German ), then a bishopric. Date from this period, the construction of the seminary, with its characteristic facade with frescoes, and the remaking of the Bishop's Palace, both near the Duomo.

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Santa Croce

Santa Croce sull'Arno - Panorama Santa Croce

Important manufacturing center of the leather, bases its economy on the processing of hides and skins since the eighteenth century, when the first tanneries in the area arose.
Today the transformation of the skin, still based on creativity and quality, is achieved through technologically advanced equipment and procedures that have improved the work environment and created specialized professionals.

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