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Monti Pisani

Monti Pisani The Monti Pisani, consisting of a number of findings of modest size in the higher the Monte Serra, wind in steep slopes, gentle slopes and valleys crossed by rivers, resulting in valuable landscapes and natural areas that provide valuable the visitor a wealth of flora and fauna in the name of biodiversity.
The whole landscape is an alternation of plains, hills and mountains rich in springs and caves carved into the limestone, dotted with small villages and medieval castles, parish churches and Romanesque churches and characterized by terraces planted with olive trees.

In this natural setting, the countries and villages perched on the mountains, at a glance you can embrace a view that goes from the mountains to the sea and, in fine weather, to the islands of 'Tuscan Archipelago.

The slope of Mount Pisano, also influenced by the proximity of the sea, presents a landscape that varies from the lower parts of vineyards to move to the terraces of olive groves and down, as you climb, you find oak and chestnut forests inhabited by various species Wildlife Service.

The whole area is full of cool water and healing that gave birth to a hydrothermal heritage, known since antiquity, of which the Medici aqueduct, which has survived almost intact, and witness the Baths of San Giuliano and olive groves.

Thanks to a medieval road network and a mild and often sunny, the whole area is perfect for hiking, horseback riding, biking or trekking up the steep slopes, in a nature rich in biodiversity and scenic spots.

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