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Monti Pisani


Vicopisano Torre dell'Orologio Vicopisano

The medieval village of Vicopisano is part of the environmental and natural Monti Pisani, on which lies a large part of its territory. Due to its strategic position Vico has always played a decisive role as a frontier castle during the war between Pisa, Lucca and Florence. Unlike other castles in the area, whose military defenses were dismantled by the Florentines, the castle was fortified in 1440 by the architect Filippo Brunelleschi.

Vicopisano has maintained the appearance of a fortified medieval heritage and has a remarkable among which twelve towers (XI-XV), two medieval buildings and the fortress of Brunelleschi, today reopened to the public with guided tours.

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Panorama di Vecchiano Vecchiano

Located on the right bank of the Serchio, after it fell under the domination of Pisa Florence, who started reclamation works to promote the development of agriculture and water control.

The medieval period are few traces remain, including the remains of walls and the former monastery church of Santa Maria in castle overlooking the town, the remains of the former castle of Havana (now a destination for climbers for climbing) and the Filettole village, still dominated by the castle and the Torre Mozza, a symbol of ancient rivalry between Pisa and Lucca.

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San Giuliano Terme

San Giuliano Terme San Giuliano Terme

The name of San Giuliano Terme is inextricably linked to the spa and its mineral waters, whose healing properties were already known to the Romans. The period of splendor of the spa, however, was the nineteenth century, when the "Bagni di Pisa" would meet the European nobility and leading personalities from the literary world as Montaigne, Alfieri, Byron and Shelley.

Today, the water of San Giuliano is ideal for combating diseases of the respiratory system and strengthen the immune system. The health club and spa of Bagni di Pisa restored - San Giuliano Terme offers a variety of programs and treatments

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Cascina centro Cascina

Located on the right bank of the Arno and near the foothills of the Monti Pisani, Cascina is a commercial and manufacturing center of great importance to the flourishing furniture industry that has gone over time in addition to agriculture.

In the villages, especially near the road Firenze-Pisa-Livorno, some very good accommodation, shopping malls and department stores. The population of Navacchio, Farm hosts a Scientific and Technological Excellence, an important reference point for the development and innovation of small and medium enterprises.

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Calci - veduta panoramica Calci

Calci is a few kilometers from Pisa, at the foot of Monti Pisani and center Valgraziosa. The valley, which has the appearance of an amphitheater, contains the villages on its slopes, which together constitute Calci.

Today Kicks is an agricultural crop around the church of SS. John and Ermolao, surrounded by terraced olive at the bottom and the top is dominated by the Monte Serra, covered with pine and chestnut. From above, a clear day you can admire the beautiful city of Pisa, ranging from the Tuscan archipelago.

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