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by sbarca in rete potenziato dall'enorme visibilità nazionale ed internazionale dello storico portale!!!

State Archives of Pisa

State Archives of Pisa

Lungarno Medici, 17 - Palazzo Toscanelli
Tel 050-542698
Fax . 050-542784

Opening hours:
MON-FRI-SAT from 8.20 to 13.40 Tue - Thu 8.20 to 17.15 - MER 8.20 to 17.40.

The building was originally owned by the family Lanfranchi, but suffered significant architectural changes by Alessandro della Gherardesca. In 1821-22 it hosted Lord Byron and his circle of friends, at a time when Pisa was called the "paradise of exiles".
The archive contains many documents the history of medieval Pisa, privileges and recognition by the various popes and emperors. It preserves also the Member of the Professional, documents of communal life until 1865, those relating to the most important families of Pisa and the Knights of St. Stephen.

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