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Orciano - Panorama Orciano

Situated on a gentle hillside, is at the center of an area that offers a rich natural heritage and food and wine. The paths and roads white to allow those who travels to duck out of the hectic city life, walking or cycling in freedom among hills and fields.

The origins of Orciano, already documented in the eighth century medieval castle, are uncertain. The most widely accepted opinion has it that it is built as a manor belonging to a family of Lombard origin.

It is easy to assume that Orciano has followed the fate of the other villages of the Pisan Hills, falling under the dominion of Florence with the final defeat of Pisa and then adapt to the grand ducal regime. On 14 August 1846 the country was devastated by a violent earthquake that affected the whole area of the Pisan Hills.

Quattrocentensca to visit the Church of San Michele, in which there is a copy of the canvas hagiography of St. Michael the Archangel Raphael.

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