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Castelfranco di Sotto

Castelfranco di Sotto Castelfranco di Sotto

Castelfranco di Sotto, located in the foothills of Cerbaie, is one of the municipalities in the leather district, an area where they produce footwear and leather goods and leather exported all over the world.

If you have lost much of its medieval structure, Castelfranco has persisted the urban structure of the Roman period, with two main roads that intersect at right angles to the four doors leading through the Bell Tower, the only remains of medieval times. Other points of interest are reminiscent of the Town Hall, formerly known as the Chancery, the Collegiate Church of SS Peter and Paul (1284) and the Academy of the Sisters of St. Matthew (XVII).

The exhibitions of archaeological and Castelfranco Orentano illustrate the stages of human settlement in the territory from prehistory to the Renaissance. If the first describes the birth of Castrum Franchum with murals and plaster casts, the second presents educational panels and plastic prehistory, the period Etruscan and Roman.

Orentano is known as the land of pastry chefs, a tradition that dates back to when the inhabitants had to emigrate in search of work in Italian cities, working in fine restaurants and bakeries. Takes place here since 1968, the Festival of the cream puffs: the end of August the confectioners produce record-breaking sculptures made of sugar, butter, eggs and flour.

Among the events will signal the full calendar of events Castelfranchese Summer (June-July) and above, the third Sunday in May, the original Palio of small boats with wheels, competing strongly felt by the four historic districts that compete for the roads "rowing."

Around the capital, within the Nature Reserve Montefalcone, hills and forests are crossed by a network of trails for walking CAI and cycling. The area is characterized by an alternation of mountains, and areas Vallini wetlands. Within the perimeter of the reserve, at Staffoli, there is a picnic area for the public.

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