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Val di Cecina

Val di Cecina The Val di Cecina, in the southern province of Pisa, offers a unique landscape. Along the roads, paths and old tracks that run through this vast territory one is faced with a scenario that changes constantly.

From that typical of the Tuscan countryside with rows of cypresses, olive groves and vineyards we pass to the clay hills with the changing colors of the seasons and here and there dotted with bare slopes, gullies and biancane, the vast wooded areas and steep hills that contrast with deeply incised valleys, up to the fascinating spectacle of the cliffs of Volterra and the charming and picturesque landscape of the area crossed by a network of geothermal steam ducts.

Metalliferous Hills offer visitors a scenic landscape scenery of great charm and appeal: wild landscapes, rich woods and unique color due to the presence of minerals in the subsoil.

You can still visit some facilities related to mining activities and retrace some of the many old ironworks that attest to the iron works since ancient times. So how can you trace the history of geothermal energy in all its aspects, from research to drilling, different systems of use, visit the Museum of Geothermal Energy in Larderello.

Rivers and the fauna of considerable interest enrich the natural environment particularly valuable.

The landscape is dotted with ancient sites and details in the green hills or perched on steep rocky outcrops, churches and monasteries, villas and castles, country houses, to be discovered.

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