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San Rossore

The San Rossore Regional Park is the heart of San Rossore Migliarino Massaciuccoli not only for its geographical position but also for the wealth of habitats and the special landscape. Its territory starts not far from the city of Pisa and stretches to the sea.
The ancient buildings and Sterpaia Cascine Vecchie, the heart of the estate and arrival point for visitors, are fully renovated and well-structured home visits to centers for daily visits for that week and stays green.
Adjacent is the impressive stables of the House of Savoy since 1854 and that there are, with their horses, one of the great attractions of the estate. Behind this house with its ancient buildings, stables and very large fields, lies the most savage nature reserve of 4800 hectares, lying between the rivers Arno and Serchio, extraordinary synthesis of natural Mediterranean environment.

Through the main streets of the estate, with minor deviations at small tracks, the Avenue of the gumbo, the famous road surrounded by pine trees, leads from the Cascine Vecchie to the beach through special environments where there are flooded forests, with large ash trees, vines and reeds south start to give way to the vast plain of wet blades. Later, however, large expanses of pine announce the proximity of the sea and that's where the headquarters of the presidential residence of Okra, a building of architectural merit in iron and wood. Along the Dead River is reached on the new tower and dewatering Riccardi.Immersi in nature and walking on flat ground, you can cross different natural environments: the forests of pines and oaks, the deciduous forest and finally the dune belt. Also, walking in the internal avenues, will not be difficult to approach the fauna of the park.
San Rossore, Horse PARCOL in San Rossore is so vast, varied and interesting to merit more than one visit to the theme. Inside, work year-round visitor center of San Rossore, which organizes tours and guided tours on foot, by bike, bus, horse and carriage. This is a unique experience for everyone.

In the heart of the estate for years is also the Guest Cottage The Bushes with the same name, visitor center, part of a prestigious nineteenth-century architectural building, located at the racecourse stables at the side of the impressive House of Savoy. It is a multipurpose facility for the reception daily, but also residential. The farmhouse is the ideal place to stay for stays equestrian, fitness, new age, summer camps for children, colonial enterprise, summer camp, stays natural for the whole family and visits to discover the various natural environments that the estate offers. It is also an opportunity to appreciate the hospitality and cuisine of San Rossore.

The estate also houses the San Rossore busy race track, also called Meadow of escolar, designed by Leopold of Lorraine in 1829, with its race tracks (one for flat races and one for the obstacle course, located within the first), its cross-training and its stables.

The San Rossore with its structures, together with the nearby neighborhood of Barbaricina, dubbed "the land of horses", in which numerous and well equipped teams stationed horses who train and compete at the racetrack, including breeding and sporting activities, gives a significant contribution to the overall production activities and tourist park.
Visitor Center San Rossore

Loc Cascine Vecchie
56122 San Rossore (Pisa)
tel. 050 530101 / 050 533755, fax 050 3836908

Services: guided tours and educational activities on foot, by bicycle, bus and train ecology. Bike rental, cycle-wheelchairs, electric cars and minibuses to 8 people with disabilities. For school groups and private bus service that serves to Pisa Centrale and Pisa San Rossore.

Casale La Sterpaia
The Loc Sterpaia
Via Sterpaia, 16
56122 San Rossore (Pisa)
tel. and fax 050523019

Services: park lodge (accommodation and restaurants), bar, picnic area, classrooms equipped meeting room with video projector, VHS and DVD, school trips, orienteering courses, workshop theory and practice on horses, cards and practice of the stable.
Horse-drawn carriage tours are also possible. For information: tel. 335 7113793, fax 050 742885

Natural Horse Centre
Loc Cascine Vecchie, 11 / A
56122 San Rossore (Pisa)
tel. 338 3662431 / 330 778623

Services: visits and workshops to learn about horses and ponies, pony week for children.

The Gay Farm
tel. 338 3662431 / 330 77862
Services: educational farm, teaching courses in cattle pastures and barns of the San Rossore.

Hippodrome San Rossore
tel. 050 526150 / 050 531132

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