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San Miniato

San Miniato - TOWN OF PISA
TOWN TEL 0571-4061 - FAX 0571/406234
ADDRESS Victims Via del Duomo, 6-56027


CAR: Take the Pisa-Florence, exit San Miniato.

COACHES: CPT suburban destination Pontedera, and even extra-CPT, to San Miniato.

TRAIN: Pisa-Florence, get off at San Miniato - Fucecchio, and CPT-town to San Miniato Alto.


The name derives from the Christian martyr Miniato an old church which was dedicated in the sixth century and around which were built the first urban structures.
From the time of Otto I was the seat of the Imperial Vicar.

Resided here at various times the court of Frederick I Barbarossa, so today is called San Miniato al German and Frederick II, in the first half of the thirteenth century, made it the cornerstone of a strategic control of central Tuscany, Via Francigena and Via Pisana.
Frederick created a modern defensive system based around a circuit wall of trapezoidal shape, the mold is connected to a fortress on the top of the hill.
Here is the Imperial Palace, founded after the mid-twelfth century and the Cathedral of S. Maria is documented at the end of the thirteenth century.
The urban configuration of San Miniato in the Middle Ages was based on two poles, the imperial castle and the village.

In the sixteenth century a number of civilian buildings as Formichini Palace, Palace Piccolo already Franchini, Roffey Palace, Palazzo Bonaparte and finally the Seminar denote the artistic influence of the Florentine Renaissance painter sees the production as well as artists linked to the Medici court as Jacopo Chimenti said the ' Empoli and Ludovico Cardi said Cigoli.

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